Company Overview
   Founded in 2000 in Ukraine and later incorporated in 2007 in USA, ELIS Group LLC is dedicated to 
   delivering high-quality software development and testing services to independent software vendors, 
   corporations and government organizations.
   The company specializes in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to 
   increase your in-house resources. With corporate headquarters in Oak Hill, VA and software development 
   centers in Russia, and Ukraine, ELIS Group offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable
   U.S. corporation plus all the benefits of a highly affordable offshore outsource development team.

   Our team of senior software professionals consists of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and 
   technicians. Our managers and software architects have the business acumen to understand your demanding 
   working standards and produce the high quality software products you need.

   Our teams are comprised of software designers, developers and QA engineers versed in development standards, 
   best practice methodologies and all of the most popular as well as cutting edge development platforms and 

   Our goal is to become your long term, trusted outsource software development partner. Our teams become an
   extension of your own in-house IT team, dedicated to meeting your software development needs today, and growing
   with you as your needs evolve.   
   Between our in-house resources and immediate access to college educated, highly skilled developers, we are 
   able to create teams according to your requirements, with exactly the skills and experience you need. 
   Whether you need one top notch technical specialist or a team with diverse skill sets to extend your own 
   internal resources, ELIS Group can meet your needs quickly and affordably.