Founded in 2000 in Ukraine and later incorporated in 2007 in USA, ELIS Group LLC is dedicated to delivering high-quality software development and testing services to independent software vendors, corporations and government organizations.

Client: Meta Integration Technology Inc.
Product: Meta IntegrationĀ® Model Bridge (MIMB)
The MIMB product provides MITI's metadata movement solution. MIMB users are typically database and software developers who want to move their metadata (models) between various tools from different vendors, across methodologies.

Client: Pertnear, LLC
Product: Facebook CMS (FBCMS)
The FBCMS is the Facebook marketing tool which provides clients with a way to increase their marketing reach and better achieve their goals by effectively managing their social-friendly presentation.


Meta Integration Technology Inc.
Meta Integration is the leading "Metadata Component Provider" to major database, data integration, business intelligence, repository, and modeling tool vendors.

Fortigent, LLC
Fortigent, LLC provides wealth management solutions and consulting services to independent advisors, banks and trust companies, and break-away brokers who require a comprehensive outsourcing solution to meet the demands of their high net worth clients.

Ortess, Inc
Ortess, Inc. is a Financial Engineering, Information Technology and Services firm, providing the full spectrum of integrated analytical solutions for Trading in Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC).

Pertnear, LLC
Pertnear is a Social Media agency with the commitment of driving revenue and profitability for their clients.

TravelTell, LLC
TravelTell aims to give current, cutting edge, and exciting content on travel destinations favored by growing social network